Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Baking Supplies

After weeks of experimenting with butters, sugars, cheeses and chocolates, I've decided on what I'd use in all my future baking.  It was quite a fun and interesting journey for me going to many places to try different cakes and desserts.  Some well known cafes didn't even know what their cakes are made of!   I suppose we can't blame them because they don't bake their own goods.  It also boils down to what we really want in our food.  Cheap may not mean good, and expensive may also not mean good!

Anyways, from now on, if you order any of my cakes you can expect these new ingredients because I liked them the best.

This package comes only in 1.36kg size!  I'd have to make plenty of cheesecakes or frosting using this one pack!

I really love the taste of this butter and will use it for buttercreams.  It is one of the more expensive brands around.

This butter will be used in all my butter cakes.  It's less oily, light, sweet, fresh, fine and makes a lovely cake.  When I bake with this butter, the whole house smells amazing (my teenager daughter will wake up from her sleep to come out to investigate what's baking in the oven!) and I simply love it.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be revising my cake prices and also coming up with new flavours.  Stayed tuned!


Shionge said...

Hey keep me posted ok in case I miss out :D