Monday, November 8, 2010

Baking Day

My usual Monday routine is spending time with my husband, going to the gym and having a leisurely lunch to catch up.  However, today turned out to be an extra busy day for him starting at 9am and ending at 9pm or later.  So to keep myself occupied, I decided that I would try out new recipes!

This was what I baked in the morning.

I baked a rich, chocolate bundt cake. It turned out really well. It was moist, tender and very fine. Since my son was going to school late today, I decided to pack 16 slices drenched with icing sugar and chocolate syrup for his friends. He came home and reported that they really liked it.  Unfortunately I had to pack the cake for him very quickly and forgot to take photos.

In the evening I baked BREAD!  It's been a long time since I made bread and it turned out to be a success as well.  I tried an oatmeal cinnamon twist bread recipe and like it so much I think I will use this often.  
Here's a small loaf and a tiny loaf (single serving).

This recipe yields quite a lot of dough so I made a large (normal size) oatmeal plain loaf for those who don't like cinnamon,  4 small cinnamon twists loaves and 5 tiny ones (picture above).  I had expected oatmeal bread to be a little dense but these turned out to be quite light and airy.  If I have guests for dinner and am serving a western style soup, I'd probably baked tiny loaves so each person has a personal loaf of bread to accompany the soup course!

I must say the smell of bread baking in my kitchen is quite addictive!  I feel like making MORE bread!  Maybe I'll make some for the choir this Sunday.  How does 60 tiny loaves sound?