Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A New Journey

I have always loved baking as far as I can remember.  Experimenting with the recipes from my mother's Ellice Handy cookbook was something I often did especially during the school holidays.  My Aunt Alice was a really good baker (and cook too) and during the weekends when I was over at her place, instead of playing with my cousins I would stand in the kitchen to watch her cook and bake.

The reason why I started this blog is because many of you asked me to post photos and also let you know what goodies are available.

Last week I baked 140 triple chocolate cupcakes (my own recipe after months of experimenting) for a friend's special treat to her colleagues.  It took me 8 hours to complete the task!  Since I had to deliver the cakes by 9am and I wanted them as fresh as possible, I opted to bake overnight.  Before you roll your eyes, I did take a nice nap before that.
Multiply this by 140!
Then I baked another 36 of the same cupcakes for my son's youth group dinner.  I decided to play with some decorations so made a batch of butter cream and played with all sorts of decorations.  It was a really hot day and before I knew it, everything seemed to be melting away!  I quickly took the photos and popped the cakes in the fridge to cool off.  Here are some photos.
Buttercream and M & Ms
Chocolate sprinkles with chocolate mint
Just sprinkles
Chocolate and peanuts
Another M &M attempt!
On Saturday I baked the SAME triple chocolate cupcakes for a friend's little girl,Sabrina, who celebrated her 8th birthday.  I used Princess cupcake wrappers for her cakes and pink sprinkles since it's her favourite colour. 

All done, ready to be packed.
Here they are, ready to cool down in the fridge.  It was a really hot afternoon.

I decorated some cakes with sugar figurines for Chinese New Year and Christmas.  I may make these for the next season.  Really cute and delightful to look at!

Enough cupcakes for today.  Next week I've more baking orders so look out for more photos (no more triple chocolate cupcakes this time round!).