Friday, November 26, 2010

Choir Camp!

Four weeks have quickly passed since I joined the church choir.  This evening we begin Day 1 of the choir camp which runs through Sunday.  We are rehearsing for this week's beautiful anthem New Jerusalem (sung by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir), worship songs plus our carolling songs!  What makes this experience really special is that my daughter Alethea is joining us for carolling.  It's been fun practising at home. 

To commemorate this weekend, I decided to bake a treat for the members who have been working SO hard.  Here's what I made...

I used a sweet dough for the crust using my French butter which turned out really nice.  Not oily at all, fragrant and light.

After the crust cooled completely, I melted my 57% Valrhona chocolate and lined the bottom of the crust for just a nice hint of chocolate.  Then I spread my French cream cheese that was beaten with French butter, icing sugar, vanilla extract and a little Brown Brothers Cienna wine.

Then I topped with whatever fruits I had.  Colourful, eh?  I love it!

Since I baked 4 tarts for the choir, each was decorated differently.  I only photographed two.

For my leftover dough, I made mini tarts for ourselves to "test."  Alethea had a grand time decorating them and I think she ate 3 in an hour!  We had a blast practising our songs and decorating our tarts.  Now the weekend will be complete if only it will snow...


Shionge said...

Yoooo I'm hungry now "D

Adrian Lim said...

Thanks for those lovely patries, and the nice things you said about the choir!

Rebecca Yam said...

Great camp Adrian! Appreciate your hard work!