Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cheesecake Survey

For the past few days I've been trying cheesecake from many different places including cafes, bakeries as well as supermarkets.  Prices ranged from S$3.20 to $5.60 per slice.  So far I've not found a good one, although some are not too bad.  Here's my survey:

1.  Do you like/love cheesecake?  If you do, what makes it WOW for you?
2.  Do you usually buy from cafes, bakeries or supermarkets?  Which is your favourite cheesecake shop and why?
3.  When you buy cheesecake, what do you look for?  Presentation?  Taste?  Fruits/toppings?
4.  If I baked a cheesecake for you, what would you like it to taste and look like?
5.  Are you prepared to pay slightly more for a good quality cheesecake?  How much more?

Your comments will help me as I plan to bake my cheesecakes.

Please leave your comments on my blog.  Everyone who leaves a comment will be eligible for a lucky draw.   Last comment by next Saturday midnight!   Your gift will be a cake baked by me!


Shionge said...

You are so sweet Rebecca :) Surpringly I am someone who is not a cheese person BUT, love my cheesecake.

1) What makes it WOW would be the smooth texture, the kind that melts in your mouth feeling.

2) Never from supermarket. I usually from Coffee Bean & Tealeaf or Bakerzine. All are very good and my children loves the oreo cheesecake from bakerzine. The raspberry from Coffee Bean is just as good.

3) Presentation is key to attract people but ultimately would have to be the taste. The plain Chicago/American cheesecake is good too without any presentation.

Fruit toppings is never a good idea because it goes soggy and that gives a bad taste to an otherwise good cheesecake.

4) If ever you bake a cheesecake for me or for anyone I'm sure it will be full of love and it would look just the way you bake it :) I bet oreo would be lovely :D

Good luck and best wishes in your quest for baking :D

Anonymous said...

1. I like cheesecake! WOW is when it's firm but creamy and not too sweet!

2. Cafes. i quite like Baker's Inn.

3. Taste, presentation, price. I prefer plain or oreo, to the fruit topped ones.

4. New York cheese cake style.

5. For standard size if slice, max $6.50