Sunday, July 4, 2010

Savoury Bakes

My chiropractor, Dr Shara Downey from Asia-Chiropractic, will be giving a talk to her patients on Friday evening and I offered to sponsor some refreshments for the participants. Dr Shara requested for something with cheese.  Today, I experimented with two recipes and here are the photos!

Less fat...

These sausages were really yummy!

I diced up red, green and yellow capsicum and cooked them with the raw lamb sausages.

This is my first presentation, a pizza like bread crust at the bottom, followed by the lamb sausages and capsicums and topped with cheddar cheese.  I made 5, Alethea ate 2 and a half, I ate one and a half and we have one left for hubby to try!  It was amazing because Alethea doesn't like capsicum but she ate them anyways!

I can also present this with mushrooms, ham and pineapples to make a Hawaiian like pizza, chicken curry and potatoes for an Asian feel, or even mushrooms and bacon bits.

The second presentation is in a muffin style.  It is also lovely but I found it a bit too filling for a snack.  Maybe one or two for Alethea's packed school lunch together with a fruit.

This third presentation is in a smaller muffin cup and still in the oven as I post this!  I'm sure it'll be fine.

Well, so much baking for today.  The young people from church are playing touch rugby outside my place so I just passed the rest of the muffins to them! 

 I think I'll make the first presentation with variations in fillings for the talk. For those with a sweet tooth, I'll probably bake some banana bread and apple slices.  I hope Dr Shara and her patients will like what I have planned for their refreshments!