Friday, July 9, 2010

Creating Health

The day for Dr Shara's talk had finally arrived!   About 20 people were expected to be there.  My main consideration was how to transport the cupcakes and pizzas with minimal damage and keep everything fresh since I had to be at the clinic by 4.30pm and the refreshments was going to be served around 6.30pm.  I also wanted to make it easy for the people to eat without having to handle a mess.

I started the morning by baking my little American carrot cupcakes.  I had originally wanted to make mini cupcakes but thought they may be too tiny and the regular sized ones may be too big since I was also baking mini pizzas.  So I settled for medium sized, which turned out to be the perfect size.

Don't you think they look lovely?  I piped on a cream cheese frosting (less sugar of course) and topped the cupcakes off with mini Hershey's chocolate chips.  Yummy!  Juicy, moist and not too sweet.

My container could only take 20 cupcakes so that was what I brought.  A few more would have been better...

For the pizzas, I decided to use regular spiced fresh pork sausages and three colours of capsicum.  Attractive, don't you think?

Here are the mini pizzas, ready for the oven.  I baked them in these aluminium cups to get the round shape.

Out of the oven and waiting to be paper cupped.

I also made ham and cherry tomatoes with 2 kinds of cheeses just for variety.  My favourite is the sausage pizza.

Anyway, the talk was really great.  Dr Shara shared with us how we can create our own health by taking control of what we do and eat.  She gave practical illustrations to make her point. 

  Feedback for the cupcakes and pizzas was very good.  So glad the folks enjoyed it.  I truly enjoyed making the snacks.  Thanks, Dr Shara, for your talk and for giving me an opportunity to share my "experiments!"


Shionge said...

Heyyy..I'm here :) Nice to be able to leave a comment here and let you how much I appreciate your baking blog.

You mentioned you did not use a sauce so the sausages & capsicum will still stick to the crust? Yes, I'll try this.

You are so 'creative' as can be seen in other blog.

Rebecca Yam said...

Hey Shiong Yee! That's correct, no need for a sauce. I tried it with a little pasta sauce but I felt too many flavours going on so kept it simple with just the sausage spices and capsicum coming through.