Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cupcakes for Ordering

Yesterday I baked "Resistance is Futile" for my friends and had very good feedback.  Thanks, guys!  You know who you are!  Some of you are wondering what kinds of cupcakes I bake and how you can order them.  Here's a list of what's available:

"Resistance is Futile" - triple chocolate with a surprise centre.  Dense, moist and rich.  For the chocoholic! 
     Plain cupcakes (recommended) - $3 each with a minimum order of 18.
     Butter frosting (plain or coloured) - $3.50 each with minimum order of 18.

American Carrot Cupcakes - freshly grated carrots, walnuts, pineapples chunks, black raisins, muscovado sugar, vegetable oil instead of butter.  Moist and healthy.  Low fat cream cheese frosting. Choice of sprinkles, chocolate chips, M & Ms or walnuts for topping.
     $3.50 each with minimum order of 18.
     $35 for 9-inch cake minimum order of 2 cakes.
Note: Needs to be refrigerated.

Oreo Cheese Cupcakes - Oreo cookie as the base, cream cheese and oreo bits in the cheesecake.
     $3.50 each with minimum order of 18

Note:  Needs to be refrigerated.

Peach or Apple Crumble Cupcakes - canned peaches or freshly grated Granny Smith apples, vegetable oil instead of butter, raisins, cinnamon and a crunchy topping.  Light and refreshing.
     One fruit - $3 each for a minimum order of 24.
     Mixture of fruits in box - minimum order of 36.

Banana and Banana Orange Cupcakes - ripened bananas, cinnamon, vegetable oil instead of butter, juice from fresh oranges, light Muscovado sugar.  Moist and light. 
     Plain - $3 each with a minimum order of 24.
     Frosting - $3.50 each with a minimum order of 24.

Butter Cupcakes - Vanilla, Coffee, Chocolate, Peppermint chocolate, Orange, Strawberry and Rum n Raisin.  Rich, buttery old-fashioned butter cake recipe.
     Plain - $2 each with minimum order of of 24.
     Butter frosting with choice of sprinkles or chocolate chips - $2.50 each with minimum order of 24.

I also bake Brownies, Pineapple Upside Down cake, Banana Cake, Banana Orange Cake, Orange Cake, traditional Fruitcake (need 4 months' notice!), Cornflake cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, Coffee cookies, Coconut cookies and heart-shaped Pineapple tarts.  If you have a special request, let me know and I'll see if I can help you with it.
Please email me at with your order at least 5 days in advance. 
For orders of more than 100 cupcakes, I need at least a week's notice.
Free delivery is available for orders above $100 in the north, central and west.
Free delivery is available for orders above $120 in the east.
Orders can be picked up from Woodlands.

Looking forward to baking for you!