Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Mummy and Daddy

A few weeks ago, our church's dance ministry members gave J and CM a baby shower at my place and had great fun. So it was with great joy when we received news of Baby's arrival on Friday. Our family will be visiting them today and I baked some chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting so they can share with their friends and family when they visit them at the hospital. Here are some photos:

The baby shower at our place.  All of us were wearing "necklaces" made from baby clothes, socks and bibs!  Of course J and CM got to bring home all the necklaces as they were part of a gift from my family to them.

Alethea has great fun making a "stork" out of gift wrap to hang in the living room.  She also helped to make the decorations.

Here's the chocolate cupcakes I baked.  I added chocolate chips and white chocolate inside.  The topping was a light cream cheese frosting with blue and red sprinkles (for boy) and Hershey's chocolate chips.  A

I gave them 16 cupcakes in a box.  I hope it's enough! 

Congratulations, J and CM on the arrival of your first baby!  Have a great time parenting him!