Saturday, May 15, 2010

Full month cakes!

Today is THE day I deliver the American carrot cakes and red eggs to the S Family.
Here are the photos as promised:

The eggs were hard boiled in vinegar, salt and water, then submerged in red food dye mixed with hot water for about 3 seconds.

This is the 9-inch cake.  I didn't want the red eggs rolling around in the box, so I taped the small muffin cases to the side of the box and dropped in the eggs!

Here's the 5-inch cake with Hershey's mini chocolate chips.

I found some cute ribbons for the occasion.  Here's a pink and purple one with Precious Baby girl on it.

The second cute ribbon have tiny footprints!  SO cute!
I hope the S Family likes them.  Happy one month, Aletheia!!