Friday, May 7, 2010

One-month celebrations for Aletheia S

J, D and Emma S will be celebrating their beautiful baby/sister Aletheia's first month in the family next weekend.  I've been given the privilege to bake a few American carrot cakes for this occasion.  D also wanted some plastic boxes to pack the traditional ang ku kuey and red eggs so I got these for her.

The carrot cakes will be miniature 5-inch cakes complete with cream cheese frosting and walnuts.  I'm still thinking if I should do the colourful sprinkles since it's a celebration cake.  What do you think, D?  Colourful sprinkles or just Hershey's chocolate chips?

Can't wait to get started!  Must remember to take lots of photos to share with you!
Meanwhile, have a great weekend!  And congratulations again, J, D and Emma!