Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to my baking blog!

Hi dear friends!  So glad you found your way here!  Today I had to wake up at 4am to prepare and bake 30 apple cinnamon crumble cupcakes for a young man's kindergarten class. Here are the promised photos...

Fresh ingredients are important.  I also buy the best I can available.

Here are the apples all cut up and marinated in cinnamon powder, ready to put in the middle of the cake.

Fresh chicken eggs!

The crumble mixture consists of butter, flour, sugar and of course lots of cinnamon powder!

The cake mixture rises quite well so a little batter goes a long way.  I started putting the apples in the middle of the cake, then another layer cake batter.

The crumble mixture goes on top. 

Here's my first batch out from the oven.  I always taste my baking just to make sure it's up to my standard!  It's DELICIOUS!

Here are 16 cupcakes in one box.  A fit of a fuzzy photo but you get the idea.

All boxed up, ready to make the trip to Tampines!

I had some extra cake batter and apples so decided to omit the crumble topping and layered the batter and apples twice.  Really nice and healthy!

All for now.  Got to go deliver the two boxes and then catch up on my beauty sleep before baking the American carrot cakes this afternoon!