Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Carrot Cakes

Thanks SY for your response about my baking blog.  Really appreciate your kind comments! 

This afternoon I baked two American carrot cakes to be frosted with cream cheese tonight, kept in the fridge and delivered at 9am tomorrow.  Before the week catches up on me, I thought I'd better upload the photos!

My finely shredded fresh carrots.  I used lemon juice to counteract the darkening of the carrots due to the high iron content.

No, this is not sand from our neighbourhood's playground!  Rather, it's Muscovado sugar which I used quite a bit in my baking especially in my Christmas fruitcake, brownies, chocolate cake, banana cake and of course, American carrot cake.  The taste is really fine and not as sweet as refined sugar.  It's also more healthy because of the molasses content.

Californian walnuts.  Needless to say, I tasted quite a few!

Dole pineapples.  I only use this brand because it's more tart and not as sweet as the other brands.

Here's my first cake out of the oven!  I simply love the cinnamon smell, don't you?

With some batter leftover from the cake, I decided to make mini cupcakes!  I'll frost them like ordinary cupcakes and send them to a friend tomorrow.

Here's a comparison of the standard cupcake (in the middle) and the mini cupcakes.  Just one bite and we're done!  No mess, no hassle and great for those on a diet!

I'll be up again at 4am later to bake 2 apple crumble cakes.  I hope I remember to take photos!  In case you're wondering, my day job is jewelry designing!  I'm not a professional baker.  Check out my jewelry at
See you tomorrow.