Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last minute baking for Chinese New Year...

I wasn't planning on baking this year because I'm still trying to pack up my VERY messy apartment and we were going to be away for the Chinese New Year holidays anyways but turned out I had to. Why? Well, I was planning to buy CNY goodies from the stores but I didn't like what I sampled. So, on Tuesday, I decided to bake! Mind you, this is only for my neighbours and relatives.

This year besides the usual pineapple tarts, I decided to try peanut cookies and almond cookies. Turned out the recipes I used were best I'd ever tasted! Light and melt-in-your-mouth! So I'm really pleased.

Peanut cookies before baking.

I love how the cookies "crackled" like the traditional Chinese cookies. They smelt wonderful while baking.

This paler cookie uses ground almonds. Very aromatic.

Almond cookies after baking. They ballooned out and ended up round and fluffy looking.

These cookies turned out so well I'm quite pleased. Have a great Chinese New Year celebration with your family, relatives and friends!