Friday, January 21, 2011

Chinese New Year Break

 This year started with a blast into busy-ness.  I had to refurnish my home office and work studio due to lack of storage space.  It took more than a week to find the furniture I liked and had to wait another week for the furniture to arrive.  When the furniture finally came, we received news that my 3rd uncle had passed away in Malaysia so packing was interrupted by a drive up to Petaling Jaya for the funeral.

Now that we are back in Singapore, I've resumed unpacking and foresee it's going to take another week or so.  We are planning to go back to Malaysia to meet with the Yam clan for the Chinese New Year.  All this to say my apologies for not baking this year.  I know some of you were hoping to order pineapple tarts and cookies but I know you will understand.  Perhaps I will bake for Mothers' Day.  Let me know what you think, okay?  If enough people order, I will seriously consider it.

My pineapple tarts are heart-shaped.  I use French butter in the pastry and I cook the pineapple jam myself.  Each tub is filled with 30 tarts.

So until I chat with you again after the 4th day of Chinese New Year, have a great family season together!


Shionge said...

Happy CNY Rebecca....indeed a frenzy Feb for me too and yes, yes, yes I want to order the pineapple tarts from you. Let me know the details ok :D

Rebecca Yam said...

Hi Shiong Yee! Happy CNY to you too. Sorry I'm not baking pineapple tarts any more. Next year...