Thursday, August 26, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore

After a wait of more than six months, we managed to find a weekend to go to Universal Studios Singapore to celebrate Ethan's 18th birthday (6 months late!) and Alethea's 15th birthday (10 days early).  Everyone was in high spirits and we made it to the Studios when they opened at 10am.  We spent the day trying out the rides (just the three of us because someone didn't want to get "dizzy"), catching the shows and of course, eating!  Which is why I'm blogging about that today.

Alethea wanted to buy popcorn because the smell was just so alluring!  However, she exercised self-control and had her photo taken instead.  So proud of her!

Since it was a birthday celebration, Alethea chose Mel's Drive-In for lunch while Ethan chose Louis' Pizza Place for dinner.  They had the LARGEST pizza we'd ever seen!  Not only was it huge, it was also the BEST pizza we'd ever tasted.  Moist, meaty, not too much cheese and a crispy thin crust.

This is just ONE slice!  Check out the meaty slices... generous!

We managed to find the Hershey's store outside of Universal Studios and everything was INDUSTRIAL size!  Check out the syrup!

Oh my goodness...

Suffice to say we had a great time.  Next week will be occupied with a couple of baking orders so I hope to post some photos for you.  Till then, have a great weekend!