Monday, August 9, 2010

Marshmallow M & M Brownies!

Hubby and I were away for three days attending an Emotional Freedom Technique workshop, hubby's 40th school reunion and a funeral.  We were glad to be home knowing that our teenagers would have torn the house down and rebuilt it into another shape!!  Fortunately my mum came to keep a close eye on them.  Thanks, Mummy!

Anyhows, my son's Ultimate Frisbee team had a party yesterday and I had promised to bake something for him to bring along.  I made coffee cupcakes without the frosting and Marshmallow M & M Brownies.  Since I've posted photos before on my coffee cupcakes here's the Brownie photos:

I used M & M Crispy candy

and the milk chocolate covered candy for the topping.

I used my favourite brownie recipe and baked it for 10 minutes.  Then I added these cut marshmallows (I was supposed to used miniature marshmallows but they didn't have them at Fairprice where I went) before popping them back to the oven for another 10 minutes or

until they look like this, golden brown and all puffed up.
I then took the pan out of the oven and quickly added the candy on top.  The marshmallows would flatten out when it cooled.

I added a chocolate syrup to finish it off.  It's colourful, appetizing and best of all, simply yummy!

I tried making miniature brownies in my mini cupcake silicon pan.  I felt it took too long since I only had one pan and had to wait until everything cooled before de-panning it so I gave up!  But the size is really good.  Maybe I will get another pan...

I've got a large baking order for October when I have to cater desserts (4-5 varieties) for 50 people.  I'm looking forward to planning for this occasion and trying out new ideas in the meantime.  Will post photos as and when.  Meanwhile, do check out my jewelry blog at and have a great week ahead!


Shionge said...

Hey what a great getaway ya :)

I think if I eat your Marshmallow M&M Brownies I need to jog at least 10 days before I can get rid of the calories hahahahah....but sure looked yummy yummy good good :D

Rebecca Yam said...

No need to jog 10 days lah! Just eat smaller piece and skip all meals for one day! ;-D

Anonymous said...

This is so cool! I shall try your marshmallow-M&M brownies recipe sometime! :)

Rebecca Yam said...

Hey Dotz, I think this one will be very popular albeit a little sinful! Do try the pillow cookies as well. It's Alethea's favourite!

Anonymous said...

Making this today! For the band to feast on tomorrow :D Heh heh