Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baking for a small event

I baked for a small event (20 people) yesterday.  The first time I baked for DS a few weeks back, I made mini pizzas and American carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Since she requested for my mini pizzas again, I decided to go with two kinds of miniature cupcakes, Coffee with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting (most people love this frosting) and "Resistance is Futile" cupcakes which is my triple chocolate recipe.

I used two kinds of fresh sausage meat, three colours of capsicum and two kinds of cheeses for the mini pizzas.  Here's one ready for the oven.

Halfway through cooking in the oven, the cheeses are nicely melted and the pizza looks good!

Packed in the box!  Colourful, aromatic and simply yummy!

The Coffee and chocolate chip miniature cupcakes turned out well.  I added a mocha chocolate coffee bean on top to complete the look.

Don't they look cozy all together? 

If you have a small event (maximum 30 people)) and need a few varieties of desserts (the only savoury item I make now are mini pizzas) let me know and I'll see if I can help.  Prices start from $4 per person (2-3 miniature items).  I will need at least a week to plan and prepare since I don't stock everything at home. For orders above $100 I will send the cakes to you.

For larger events, I will need even more time to block out my schedule, plan and prepare.  The largest group I've baked for is 140 people.

Come October I'll be baking 4-5 types of desserts for 50 people. It's going to be fun planning the taste, texture and colours for this event.
Now I'm off to bake some cream puffs!


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